Content in motion
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Content in motion

Reshaping content is using existing content like videos and photos to create new content.

We make your content work harder for you and help you to diversify and multiply your online presence.


While video is effective in driving revenue and engagement, it can be expensive and time consuming to produce.

Moreover, brands already have a lot of great content.

We can help you by creating stunning and fresh new assets with old that can be easily shared across a variety of digital channels.

We use 3D Parallax, Illustration,  Animations, Cinemagraphs, Motion Design, 3D Realistic Visuals, AR, VR, muscic composition, sound design, grading…

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MOCKUP – 3D Parallax


With our scalable video packages, we can also quickly create new stories with existing material, using scripting, wording, editing, motion design, graphic design, music composition and sound design… 

Here is a simple example using only editing. A short narrative with an AFP photographer commenting on a multi-awarded photo.

Let us boost your online presence to unprecedented heights.

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AFP – Narrative Photo

Catherine Toole, copywriter & journalist at Sticky content
The main difference between writing copy for print and the web is how your readers read you. Online, to be frank, they don't. Instead of reading from left to right, top to bottom, studying and digesting text as they might with print, online readers scan pages fast, looking for information cues and signposts. Web users are impatient, task-focused and extremely disloyal : if they can't find what they're looking for easily, they're off.
Mark Shaw, *Copywriting
Content is increasingly in the hands of the visitor. Not only do your visitors choose the messages that they are prepared to absorb, they are able to create their own messages too and complete with you the attention of the other visitors. They may be writing customer reviews, conversing in your chatroom, contributing to blog or posting content on YouTube or similar sites.
Danielle Kyrillos, editor at Daily Candy
We have an editorial that cannot be bought and advertising. Every item we write is designed to be read in 30 seconds, and be compelling at the same time. Our copy is practical and informative but it is also humorous and full of life. We assume a level of intelligence in the reader, and the copy doesn't talk down to them. It follows a consistent train of thought, and makes everyone feel like a insider.
Nick Asbury, writer at Creative Review
Tonally, it was important to make the post thoughtful as well as entertaining. As a general rule, if you're writing about something quirky, it's best not to do it in a quirky way.
Mark Santus, Managing director at Romeo Empire Design
We are working on the « micro-micro-micro » scale here. Copy requirement in a digital environmental is often very basic as there is so little space, and our designers usually write the interface copy.(...) Increasing screen size of smartphones give us opportunities. You'll see more creative applications, promotions or cross-promotions, giving users the opportunity to jump off and explore other microsites.

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