OPTIC 2000

Not for the faint hearted
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OPTIC 2000

Not for the faint hearted

Are you ready to overcome your fear of contact lenses with your optician?

Optic 2000 and Buzzman have created the “Pas froid aux yeux” series which means ‘not for the faint hearted’. This is a concept reality series to help users overcome their fear of wearing contact lenses, directed by Frédy Busso.


If the prospect of wearing contact lenses terrorizes you, you are among the 90% of people who might wear lenses but who do not.

Because your first experience with contact lenses should happen with a trusted person, Optic 2ooo opticians commit to ensuring that, starting with the CEO Didier Papaz. This helps their clients face their fears and become familiar and comfortable wearing contact lenses.


Internet users were invited to vote on the website pasfroidauxyeux.fr to choose 5 opticians to take up the “not for the faint hearted” challenge. They were to appear in 5 short films.

The casting included volunteer Optic 2000 opticians, all with a specific fear or phobia.


A creative and immersive web-series retracing the story of 5 Optic 2000 opticians overcoming their worst fears.

In his own episode, Didier Papaz, Optic 2000’s CEO, overcomes his claustrophobia by following a trained team through narrow passages 30 meters down in a pitch dark cave.

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Not for the faint hearted – Trailer

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Benoît Hut – Bunjee jumping

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Didier Papaz – Caving

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Clémence Caperaldi – Stunt flying


OPTIC 2000 News / CB News (Carole Soussan)

(…) Should lenses necessarily be the poor relation of improved vision? Certainly not. Buzzman speaks “first time” for Optic 2000. Because the first time with lenses has to be done with a trusted person, agency and advertiser proposes “Pas froid aux yeux” (Not for the faint hearted): a new reality series where Optic 2ooo opticians undertake, starting with the CEO Didier Papaz, to face their greatest fears – emptiness, snakes, depths or speed, provided that their chosen user fights his phobia to wear lenses! (…)

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