Feeding with sound
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Feeding with sound

Today, podcast listeners are as numerous as Twitter users, and this demand is steadily growing.

We propose podcast production to increase your thought leadership through shows in the form of stories, KOL interviews.


Every day or weekly, an appointment is made on the website, SoundCloud and Spotify… with KOLs that are your typical customer profile or who are experts in a field that matches your brand’s values.

With our partner AFP Services, we reach worldwide for the right expert for you. We also produce yout visuals and overall podcast design.

In addition to connecting with prospective clients, you will also connect with industry KOLs and potential referral partners by inviting them to be a guest on your show.

& more

Audio content can easily be multiplied in a variety of forms to feed your usual content engine. These can be blog posts, quote graphics, short videos and photos, for your websites, Facebook and Facebook Live, Instagram and Instagram Stories, as well as Twitter…

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