Time to indulge
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Time to indulge

Samsung Quantum Dot TV’s recent campaign encourages women to get the most out of their favorite content.

Four ambassadors of Samsung brand from Manilla and Singapore participated in 4 days shoot.


Women lead hectic lives juggling career and family. They have very little time to themselves and often get their TV moments watching shows on smaller laptops or phone screens.

The ‘It’s Your Time to Indulge’ campaign inspires women get the most out of their precious me-time and favorite content in an easier and immersive experience.

Samsung – Quantum Dot TV


As an example, Bianca Gonzalez from the Philippines is not your regular celebrity. She calls herself a storyteller and is adept at using social media. She is one of the most followed people with 6.3 million followers on Twitter, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and 2.7 million followers on her Facebook page. She has also put the power of social media to good use.

Her feed shows a mix of family life with husband JC and 21-month old daughter Lucia, her thoughts for the day, her home and travel tips and her observations on topics big and small. She is also posts about issues that affect us all… like traffic congestion, climate change, education, government, food, beauty and parenting.


The films capture moments of women indulging in their favorite content. It could be single women unwinding after a long day of work, or mothers’ taking a break from daily tasks while baby’s asleep.

The women are featured in the comfort of their homes where the environment has an authentic and aspirational look which reflects their lifestyles.

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Time to indulge / Bianca Gonzales-Intal

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Time to indulge / Bella Koh

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Time to indulge / Tricia Ong

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Time to indulge / Joyce Pring

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